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For Great Justice
In AD 2101
War was beginning...
* * * *
A massive explosion rocked the star cruiser Canterlot Secundus, and its captain had to fling her hooves to the rests on the side of her command chair to keep from being thrown to the deck. “What happen?” captain Celestia asked.
“Somepony set up us the bomb!” replied a unicorn sensor operator, while her aquamarine hooves flew over the controls of her station.
“We get signal,” the earth pony at the communications station reported.
“What!” Celestia exclaimed, shocked at the rapid movement of events.
The unflappable brown pony who'd spoken up simply pressed a few controls. “Main screen turn on,” he replied, and then turned the bridge's main holoemitter on. The sinister form of a black alicorn soon resolved itself above the center of the bridge, hanging in mid air. Her mane and tail looked like animate pieces of the night sky as seen from a planet's surface, and they wrapped around her
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Big Mac Gets All the Ladies by Maddog3060 Big Mac Gets All the Ladies :iconmaddog3060:Maddog3060 1 16 Ponisas by Maddog3060 Ponisas :iconmaddog3060:Maddog3060 2 6
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On the Beach 22XX
She coughed, the hacking sound almost as painful to the ears as the feeling of burning coals she felt in her chest. It wasn’t the first time today, and it wouldn’t be the last, or so she hoped. I can’t die yet, not now, she mentally reminded herself, pulling herself back upright from the doubled over position the cough had lead her to.
“Are you alright?” The man next to her asked, his voice and face showing concern, despite the ash that covered him, obscuring his features. “We can stop if you need a breather.”
“I’m alright,” she replied. “Let’s just keep moving. We have to reach the bunker before nightfall.”
“Yes ma’am,” the man, a solider, answered. He looked back over the group of twenty or so people following them, and then swept his gaze across what was one a verdant valley. Now, it was a charred wasteland, with only shortened, blackened stumps and the skeletal remains of buildings to remind anyo
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From the desk of Doctor Core
To: No one in particular
CC: Archive Division, Section 8
It has come to my attention, whiling away the time in traffic in my sleep-deprived state, desperately seeking some way of staying awake so I would not crash, that the biological engine is a wonderful creation. Like machines, a body works out according to natural laws and physics, performing routine tasks that would boggle the minds of the unwary. Yet when people compare machines to biological engines, especially robots to men, they make a most terrible mistake.
Consider, if you will, the typical assembly line robot: an articulate bundle of servos, joints, welders, circuits, and steel. Programmed and left to itself within the proper confines of the job it was designed for, it works beautifully and elegantly, doing a thankless yet necessary job so well that we wonder whether it’s doing anything at all. Many people, especially science fiction authors, look at this sort of machine and use it as the b
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Operation Polar Wind
TCS Hellespont
Approach Vector, Taiga II
April 7th, 2228
“All crew stand by for hard burn,” the ship’s operations officer announced over the intercom, her subtle but firm tones driving home the sense of purpose that all aboard felt. “Repeat all hands stand by for hard burn. Secure all items, grav-plating will not be receiving additional energy for inertial compensation.”
Alicia Azuma, reporter, checked the buckles on her seat again out of habit, having traveled much in her career to date. “Why are we doing a hard burn?” She asked the man sitting across from her in one of the ship’s lounges.
“Security measure,” Warrant Officer William Foote replied, looking at ease despite the words he’d just spoken. “The D’Klon find our non-combatants to be fair game, despite their usual blinding machismo, so we travel in convoys and burn hard at boost and brake to minimize our vulnerability.”
“I thought the space
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This band, Psychostick...

just listen to these:

So dang funny. :XD: It's brilliant, utterly, maddeningly, psychotically brilliant.
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